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It’s time to fire your boss!

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The side hustle capitalist


Hey there Gorgeous! First and foremost. WELCOME!

I am excited you’re here. I remember what it felt like leaving my 9-to-5 at Harvard University! I remember how scared I was and our little secret, sometimes I still get scared. Before we go any further in getting to know each other though, and I promise to bare-it-all and give you all the deets to my journey and transition from corporate to business, but before that I need you to do me a favor. Repeat after me….


Don’t ever forget that!

So more about me… I am a unapologetic Boss Babe who helps women entrepreneurs in corporate transition to full-time Bad-assery a.k.a Business Your Way! I am also a mother of two amazing boys, Adonai and Elias (you’ll see them as you cruise the rest of my online home, and if you follow me on social media, get ready to laugh your butts off). I am a Business and Brand Strategist, Web and Graphic Designer, Published Author and the list goes on, but my greatest victory is that I was born a woman.

You heard me, I am a Woman and that my dear is my superpower. It is your God-given right to turn your passion into profit. For me that is helping women like you grow personally professionally and entrepreneurially. Working with me allows you to expand your sights and develop a strategic plan to FIRE YOUR BOSS! After all I made it to what most consider the top, Harvard! Still I knew there was more for me and well I had to stop playing myself and selling myself my kids and my community short of my greatness.

It’s time for you to do the same!

I’ve doubted myself and my ability many of times but one thing I don’t doubt is that you are in the right place and ready for your next step. I don’t believe in accidents. You were meant to be here and you are ready to say goodbye to playing small and hello to being your own boss.

Are you ready to turn your side hustle into capital?


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