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Building, branding and designing your business can be hard, especially if you're still committed to your corporate gig. You're probably thinking is it even possible to replace your income and really be successful at this thing. 

The answer is YES YOU CAN and I can help. 

My Story


"Single mom of 2 quits Harvard career to pursue full-time entrepreneurship"

I can still hear the fear in my mother's voice and remember when I made the announcement on social media that I was leaving my role in Harvard Human Resources.


I could feel the anxiety and uncertainty of so many of my mentors, family and friends biting their nails behind the screen. In their eyes I'd beat the odds and made it. To them I was lucky

"What the hell is she thinking?" they said. 

Deep down inside I knew though I was making the right decision. I was tired of coming home and being emotionally unavailable to my  partner and children.  

TRUTH: I was living everyones dream but mine.

I was tired of treating my calling as a hobby and running my business on the side. Tired of having to dim my light in efforts make sure my boss wasn't too threatened by me ideas at any given moment. 


I was simply tired of playing small when I was born to win. 


My experience and role in HR allowed me to interview and coach many women like myself and well I knew the truth, good and bad about being a woman in corporate. 

I wanted to help women build brand and design the life and business they dreamt about in their cubicles and offices each and every day. 

TODAY: I've been named 1 of Boston's top 10 Career and Business Coaches and help hundreds of women turn their side hustle into capital. My business in 2017 allowed me to be there for my mom after her cancer battle that shook the very foundation of my life. I know that I wouldn't have had the opportunities to support her and be with her during such a hard time in our lives without the freedom and finances my business provided.




Founder + CEO of Moroccan Magic and Boston Business Women

"If you are looking to hire someone locally who makes amazing graphic designs, websites, and videos, I highly recommend Ahfeeyah ThomasWe just started working together and I am already so impressed. "

500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA 94158


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