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Thank you for stopping by! I am so very grateful you're here in this moment + time. Welcome to my Queendom, The Hustle Hive + Sanctuary for all things Bossy and Business. I've created this space for us to truly to get to know each other and by the time you leave if nothing else I hope you understand...


Like you, I was told I couldn't have it all. As a single mother, as a woman, as a minority, that there were limitations, I would simply have to accept. No matter how hard I worked or how high I climbed, it never seemed to be enough and after making my way to Harvard University, becoming a published author at the age of 21 and being named 1 of Boston's Top 10 Career Coaches, I decided to be my own validating force.

I decided to be the change I desired to see in Corporate America and help women create and grow their very own success story. I decided to not only break the glass ceiling but create spaces without them, where women could be empowered without limits. 

Today I am the Founder of The Hustle Hive, Lady Corporate Inc., The Workroom, + President of Black Women Entrepreneurs Boston. My passion is to help women like you and I continue breakthrough barriers, redefine corporate norms and turn our dreams into reality.


"Ahfeeyah worked with me on business strategy. She was quick and efficient in getting an initial call together. I found her to be easy to talk to, clearly knowledgeable in her field, and passionate...I loved the time I shared with Ahfeeyah and feel strongly she will help many business owners to succeed."


An Invitation to work with me

Choosing to work with a coach can be a scary decision, and I totally understand how you feel. Wanting success + results but not knowing just where to begin. I remember thinking I can do this all by myself and if I took another course or purchased another solution or software it would be what would take me to the next level. At the end, I ended up spending thousands of dollars, and not to mention months and years were passing by and I still, with my wheels spinning, hadn't reached my highest potential. 

I'm telling you this because the truth about entrepreneurship is everyone of us need a little help some time and the hard truth lies in one of my favorite quotes:

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much " - Helen Keller

I invite you to stop playing small and turn your side hustle into more than a hobby and your dreams into reality. I'd love to help you say no more to mediocrity, no more to wasting time and YES to taking charge of your success. 


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