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About Ahfeeyah


Ahfeeyah C. Thomas is a Visionary Leader and Change Catalyst, committed to advocating and equipping professionals and entrepreneurs with tactical strategy and resources to take their success to new heights. She is a serial entrepreneur and spokesperson for women and minority communities, having served & educated thousands of students, professionals, and entrepreneurs within the New England area and beyond. In 2015 she was named 1 of Boston's top 10 Career Coaches, and has received innumerable recognition for her continuous efforts to create a workplace where women are truly created equal and are afforded opportunities to create and grow careers & businesses they love. With over 8 years of coaching experience Ahfeeyah utilizes her ability to truly tap into her clients' unique and undeniable potential and guide them to authentic personal, professional and entrepreneurial achievement. She specializes in strategic goal setting and planning for effortless execution and guaranteed success. 

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lady Corporate Inc., a membership community and lifestyle brand, she works with women in the corporate and business arena providing, a supportive community for members to connect and collaborate. She has created a sisterhood of women who support each other personally and professionally. Ahfeeyah is the true definition of The Modern Day Feminist. She is an active member of her community, a speaker, author, mother, friend and supporter of all things women.